About Us

Innovation Through Analytics

Mission: To partner with any enterprise or organization to discover, create, and implement opportunities that will enable mutual evolution through the power of analytics and innovation.

Kin Analytics offers analytical consulting services for all types of companies, organizations, and enterprises around the world, helping them innovate, grow, and evolve. Companies that learn how to best generate and analyze their data will survive, while those which innovate in this practice will thrive.

We understand analytics as the science and art of using statistical and computer programming methods to discover, extract and create intelligence from data. Analytical methods include data mining, machine learning, big data analysis, operations research, and predictive modelling, amongst others. Analytics is today’s path to innovation.

Research and Academics

Kin Analytics highly values Research and Development, as well as academic contribution. We preach the need for innovation to other companies and we strive to lead by example.

Below is a list of publications and research papers of academic interest from our team which will continue to grow: