Our Method

Our Method


Consultation with Administrators and Business Experts

  • At this stage, consultants accompany the business’ administrators with analyzing the following:
    • Issues and challenges the company is facing
    • Opportunities for innovation and improvement
  • The main objective is to be able to gather the knowledge developed by the experience and intuition of the company’s managers to use as a base for analytical projects

Analytical Study

  • Kin Analytics then utilizes statistical tools with:
    • The company’s historical data
    • General and market data
  • At this stage, the consultants objectively evaluate the current management method, discovering tendencies and gaining knowledge from the data
  • With this new information, prior knowledge and expertise are empirically quantified and analyzed

Innovation Proposal

Joining previous knowledge and experience with the discoveries of the analytical study, Kin Analytics presents an Innovation Proposal, which would include the following:

  • Changes to managerial methods with the aim of gaining productivity
  • Process automation and monitoring
  • Predictive models
  • Risk management
  • Marketing strategies and other commercial solutions

Impact Analysis

The Innovation Proposal is complemented with an impact analysis which would include:

  • Financial evaluation, investment, and return
  • Operational changes, time gains, and new process flow
  • Customer service improvements


  • Once the proposal is accepted, Kin Analytics will begin implementation
  • Along with implementation, a procedure/changes manual is developed, which includes:
    • Corporate policies and principles
    • Key practices
    • Systems and process mapping
    • Description of responsibilities and tasks
  • The main objective of this manual is to completely and accurately transfer newly acquired knowledge to companies in order for them to be capable of handling their responsibilities autonomously