Banking – Financial Services

  1. Consulting for IFRS 9 / CECL for an end to end solution
    • Audit and diagnostic
    • Implementation and documentation
    • Training services
  2. Automated Credit Scoring

    Kin Analytics offers systems capable of handling the entire credit decisioning process for any financial institution, from the moment of loan request, through disbursement, and even post disbursement activities. We offer the complete package in terms of credit scoring solutions, including a Front Office tool and Credit Scoring Engine from our partner company Cregora. These processes include:

    • Development of credit scoring models
    • Basel Regulation compliant PD, LGD, and EAD model development
    • Decision Tree analysis and development
    • Behavioral models
    • Collection and Recovery models
  3. Stress Testing

    National and International financial regulations are putting more and more pressure on financial entities to have a full understanding of their portfolios and the possible pitfalls these face with respect to future uncertainties. Stress testing will eventually be required for all financial institutions in order to foresee impacts due to changes in the economy.

    We have expertise in developing stress testing models that will cover any national or international regulation and will help financial institutions better protect their portfolios against any economic adversities by predicting portfolio performance during various hypothetical adverse economic scenarios.

  4. Basel II/III Compliancy

    There are a number of benefits to a financial institution becoming Basel compliant, the most important of which being the ability to have better internal controls on capital requirements. Kin Analytics offers to help financial institutions become Basel compliant, which includes policy definitions, internal process adjustments, risk modelling, and personnel training & development.

  5. Fraud Detection

    Big data analysis can help discover fraud tendencies of all types, including corporate, web, operational, and others. By applying the most advanced statistical and technological tools, Kin Analytics will help companies detect and prevent fraud and theft across all facets of the business.