General Consulting

  1. Predictive Modelling and Machine Learning

    At Kin Analytics, our knowledge of statistical modelling goes well beyond risk and financial management. We are capable of building predictive models for any industry to match a wide range of needs, such as: sales and costs forecasts, production levels, economic movements, customer flow, supplier chain output, and more, by using the latest Machine Learning and other statistical techniques.

    Our modelling options range from financial stress testing of portfolios for banks, to helping a restaurant foresee how the weather, economic outlooks, and other external events will influence the number of customers that will visit them over the next month. Proper data analysis is key to fully understanding one’s business and maximizing profits, and Kin Analytics is dedicated to providing the predictive modeling services necessary for a business to grow and thrive in both current and future environments.

  2. Process Automation

    In the same way that we help financial institutions automate their credit lending processes, we offer this ”high-tech automation” philosophy for any kind of operational process in any industry. We cover front office processes, back office maintenance, report generation & monitoring, data management, and any other internal process currently being handled manually.

    Depending on the needs and opportunities of our customers, we offer both fully customized and/or generic tools that we have developed internally.

  3. Actuarial Services

    We cover a wide range of actuarial services including:

    • Development of pension plans, social security programs, savings & retirement plans, etc.
    • Capital Reserve Calculations
    • Liquidity and overall portfolio analysis
    • Concentration risks and mitigation strategies
    • Pricing model testing and analysis
  4. Database Development and Management

    Data has become one of the most important assets a company has. It is the necessary tool to measure any aspect of how a company is operating and performing. Data helps foresee future risks, understand patterns, gain insight into industry dynamics, find hidden costs, detect fraud, and more. Most companies are not collecting sufficient data regarding their day to day operations, and if they do, they do not have appropriate data quality management procedures in place.

    Kin Analytics offers essential services that help businesses understand how to best gather their data and how to manage it in the most technologically structured way, via the development of a database infrastructure. For companies already managing their data appropriately, we provide advanced Business Intelligence services to bring their usage, accessibility, and maintenance of data to the next level.

  5. Operations Research

    Every business has defined internal processes, strategies, and policies which dictate how they operate on a daily basis. However, most businesses are not testing all of these procedures to determine their performance, improvement opportunities, cost reductions, etc. Kin Analytics performs analytical investigations to discover ways in which a company can innovate.

    Companies of the future are those which are analytically driven in their processes, decision making, and all other aspects of their operations.

  6. Training and Personnel Development

    Kin Analytics believes that companies need to become analytically driven and this philosophy must first be adopted by its employees in order to succeed. Part of our consulting method is focused on developing manuals, training material, and exercises which will help employees better understand what Kin Analytics has implemented and how it can be used to improve their jobs and overall company performance.

    We consider clients our partners, and as such, we want to help them become analytically autonomous. Having internal resources who share this philosophy is the most important step to take towards self-sufficiency.