April 20, 2016

Kin Analytics Welcomes New Opportunites With Office in Peru



Kin Analytics is proud to announce the opening of its first international office in Lima, Peru with Tomás Sevilla as its Country Manager. The expansion to Lima is part of our strategy to become the leading analytics and management consulting firm in the region. We are excited to be part of the rapidly growing Peruvian economy and delighted to have Tomás join the team. We are confident that his technical and managerial expertise will materialize our vision to deliver our products and services across the region.

This move is a crucial step in achieving Kin Analytics’ vision of using analytics to connect different markets, industries and companies across countries. With globalization a reality for virtually every company, the benefits of sharing information and collaborating in data mining intelligence across markets are too critical to waste. We are eager to learn from the realities of a new market where we cannot only apply our current statistical methods and models, but also improve them with the experience and data this new market will bring. With its vast data availability both in the private and public sector coupled with a rapidly growing economy which pushes companies to become more intelligent and efficient, Peru represents an exciting challenge for our young company, and we are excited to have Tomás lead us in this adventure.

“ I am incredibly excited to be joining Kin Analytics and eager to get started as its Country Manager in Peru. Amongst the many goals we have as a company, I am particularly excited and feel personally tied to Kin’s mission to disseminate analytics in South America. Our goal is to make it possible for companies of all shapes and sizes to have an in-depth understanding of the metrics that drive their business and, in turn, extract value from that understanding. There is a wealth of information generated by both individuals and companies in a rapidly expanding economy such as Peru. At Kin Analytics, our mission is to apply detailed algorithmic data analysis to extract value from this information. Our society is on the verge of a technological revolution and data analytics is leading the charge. I invite everyone to be part of this revolution with Kin Analytics.”

– Tomás Sevilla, Country Manager, Kin Analytics Peru

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