March 3, 2017

The Soccer Analytics Revolution Has Started: Futbolmetrics

In the last couple of years, Kin Analytics developed models, algorithms and statistical metrics specialized in football analytics. Recently, we acquired the sports data collection company Futbolmetrics. We can now collect data from any league, game, training session and analyze it using our tools.

Before Futbolmetrics, our services were limited to the most important football leagues in the world where the data we need was already being collected. Now we can take the advanced football analytics, being used by top teams in the continent, to every corner of the football world, including: Youth Leagues, Minor Leagues, Amateur Leagues, and many more.

The analytics revolution continues to grow, and now we will take it to clubs and leagues with less resources, which should help make football more competitive by closing gaps between smaller and bigger teams. Our team, Atlético Kin of the Amateur League of Ecuador, will be on the same tier of analytical innovation as the last champion of the Copa do Brasil!

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