Ángel Ricaurte


Bachelor of Arts in Economics – Universidad San Francisco de Quito


Before joining the Kin Analytics team, Angel worked for Banco Internacional, a bank that is part of the multinational IF Group, where he acquired three years of experience in the commercial banking branch. His career focused on business intelligence and executive level reporting. He gained experience in creating and improving KPIs and controls, budget management and business forecasts along with key information reporting, all of which helped him reinforce important skills and knowledge for developing and maintaining Control Management systems.

Angel also worked as an analyst on the investment banking team at Analytica Advisors, where he was part of the Restructuring Debt & Stock Issuance department. He was in charge of the restructuring of debt for companies from sectors such as pharmaceutical retailing, courier and delivering services, food chain franchises, and manufacturing.

As our Director of Finance and Operations Manager, Angel is in charge of the financial control and implementing our core analytical philosophy and culture within our internal processes. This includes continuously identifying the key services and facilities that are indispensable for the daily operations of the enterprise, as well as directing operations using innovative and analytical Control Management systems that serve as guides to ensure company – and project – level objectives are met. Angel is also in charge of implementing these control systems in new acquisitions and business ventures. Angel is fluent in English, French & Spanish.