November 14, 2023
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CBF and Kin Analytics Forge Ahead with Extended Partnership

November 7, 2023 – Kin Analytics proudly announces an extended partnership with The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), solidifying our collaboration in the upcoming years.

Kin Analytics, a trailblazing Ecuadorian company, stands at the forefront of developing cutting-edge algorithms, products, and analytical methodologies tailored for elite football organizations. We are excited to continue our dynamic partnership as we collectively shape the future of football analytics. By joining forces with la Canarinha, we have embarked on a journey defined by pioneering innovation and excellence in the field of data analysis and artificial intelligence, in order to seek more championships.

Transforming Data into Victory

At Kin Analytics, we transform raw data into insights that enhance decision-making and strategies for clubs and federations. This collaboration helps the team make the most of the analytics, improving on-field performance. Our goal is to provide top-notch analytical tools for the men’s and women’s Brazilian teams. Together, we aim to optimize performance with our comprehensive analytical support, making every match a significant step toward excellence.

Enhancing the Fan Experience with Kinsights

We are elevating social media engagement with football enthusiasts and fans through our tool Kinsights. We are committed to delivering captivating content and comprehensive match statistics across social media platforms. This initiative aims to deepen CBF fans' understanding of the game, making it more immersive and enjoyable for the audience by making them feel part of the team.

Evolving into strategic partners with the CBF signifies not only a remarkable achievement but also an enduring challenge, inspiring our daily pursuit of growth and continuous enhancement.

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