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Kin is a Data Analytics consultancy on a mission to deliver impactful, game-changing solutions that power the world’s decision-making.

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Lending services

Expect a notable reduction in the time and resources expended on credit decision-making within the lending industry, with automated processes enabling banks, credit unions, non-bank financial institutions, peer-to-peer platforms, payday lenders, microfinance institutions, and equipment financing companies to provide responses in less than 15 seconds.

Can you risk not knowing?

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Sports Analytics

Expect a significant reduction in time and resources spent on performance analysis through automated processes and our proven, customized methodology. We deliver actionable insights and impactful solutions to sports decision-makers, enhancing their strategic decision-making and performance outcomes.

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Consumer Goods & Retail

Expect a notable reduction in the time and resources expended in the CPG industry, with automated data and AI processes enhancing efficiency, optimizing supply chains, improving consumer insights, and enabling faster, data-driven decisions.

Transform ambiguity into certainty with Analytics and AI

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Cross-Industry Solutions

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Hive mentality

Emphasizing collective intelligence, where every team member contributes unique insights for the greater good.

Deep  Expertise

Maintaining a high level of industry proficiency, continually updated with the latest advancements in AI.

Extreme collaboration

Fostering open, inclusive teamwork that extends beyond internal boundaries to include clients and external experts.

Our AI 5D Journey

The Kin Journey offers a structured, collaborative approach to project development, enhancing clarity, quality, and alignment. It incorporates continuous feedback to refine solutions, delivering user-centric products with ongoing support. This ensures reliable, tailor-made solutions that meet specific goals and provide long-term satisfaction and success.

1. Discovery and Assessment

5. Dedicated Assistance

2. Design

4. Delivery

3. Development


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A story about Automation and better Customer Service

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Success Stories

A story about turning Data into Victory

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/now, they know

We have been working with Kin Analytics since 2017, and in that time have found them to be nothing short of exemplary. They have provided Pawnee Leasing Corporation with assistance in building proprietary scoring models, as well as consulting on various analytical endeavors. Kin Analytics are always prompt in their response, deliver results on time, and open to feedback. We plan to work with them for years to come and feel fortunate to have such a responsive and experienced partner to help us achieve our goals.

Brian Schonfeld
CLFP - Vice President | Portfolio Risk & Analytics Industry

The KPIs developed by Kin allow identifying behavior patterns with great precision and anticipating trends.

Eduardo Cecconi
Former Performance Analyst

The idea of processing technical tests using AI became a reality thanks to the expertise of Kin Analytics, paving the way for us to innovate the evaluation industry. For years, they have been an important ally in driving disruption.

Christian Rivera
Founder & CEO

Kin Analytics allowed us to measure the evolution of the team by using concepts that were custom-made specifically for us and our playing style.

Roger Machado
Former Head Coach

The metrics and concepts that Kin Analytics provide are qualified and built for the proper understanding of the team's behavior.

Bruno Baquete
Former Analyst

We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the services provided by Kin as well as the speed with which they complete their work. Crossroads views Kin Analytics as an essential partner to our business, and we value their services and partnership.

Suzann Fakhoury
CLFP Vice President of Operations

We engaged Kin Analytics in a series of engagements including a design and implementation of a scoring model [...]. Each team member we have dealt with at Kin Analytics has been highly intelligent, professional, attentive, thoughtful, and trustworthy.

Michael Kianmahd
Executive VP

I’ve been working with Kin Analytics for 2 years for decision rule book and scorecard development for Deutsche Leasing North America. Cooperation and synergy have been great with fruitful weekly meetings. Deliverables have been always presented on time in a professional and pragmatic manner. Kin Analytics team members are skilled and seasoned, but also very caring and flexible leading us to have a phenomenal customer experience.

Matheus Gera
Managing Director

Working with Kin has enabled us to carry out high-impact AI-based projects in over 11 Latin American countries, achieving completely disruptive results.

Francisco Muñoz
Great Caribbean Franchise Director

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asked questions

How can Kin Analytics help my industry? 


Kin Analytics can help your business by providing insights through data analysis, improving decision-making processes, optimizing operations, and enhancing overall business performance through tailored analytical solutions.

What makes Kin Analytics different from other consulting firms? 


Kin Analytics stands out due to our global reach, extensive industry experience, and a team of experts dedicated to delivering customized, data-driven solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Does Kin Analytics offer customized solutions? 


Yes, Kin Analytics specializes in providing tailor-made solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of each client.

How does Kin Analytics handle data privacy and compliance? 


Kin Analytics adheres to strict data privacy policies and compliance regulations, including GDPR Alliance, and SOC certification. We implement robust security measures to protect client data and ensure compliance with all relevant laws.

What tools and technologies does Kin Analytics use?


Kin Analytics utilizes a variety of advanced tools and technologies such as Python, R, SQL, Power BI, and machine learning platforms to deliver robust analytical solutions.