September 26, 2023
5 min

Kicking Goals Blindfolded: Is the professional football world truly maximizing the use of analytics and AI?

In today's rapidly changing industrial landscape, the fusion of analytics and AI has become widespread, transcending boundaries and touching every aspect of operations. This shift isn't a passing trend; it signifies a fundamental change in how organizations use information to gain a competitive edge and reduce errors. The world of professional football is no exception to this tech wave, with various data providers and SaaS tools making critical metrics more accessible to nearly every club. However, despite these advancements, the football industry hasn't fully tapped into the potential of analytics and AI.

While some organizations rely on generic metrics providers, assuming it will lead to a comprehensive analytics strategy, others have the right mindset but lack the structure and expertise for effective implementation. There are misconceptions in football, especially regarding performance analytics. Some think tracking numerous metrics equals analytical prowess, while others believe new software or hardware is a quick fix for success. These misunderstandings create unrealistic expectations, as if data and tools alone can instantly turn a team into winners.

Conversely, some industry leaders understand the real potential of well-applied analytics and AI in improving football club performance. Yet, they face challenges like the overwhelming number of providers and finding qualified professionals for analytics initiatives.

These obstacles create a complex equation, particularly daunting for clubs with limited resources, infrastructure, or analytics expertise. Consequently, many professional football clubs struggle to harness the full potential of analytics and AI. In some cases, existing analytics structures lack the influence to deliver optimal impact. Therefore, many clubs stick to non-analytical workflows, missing out on the value analytics and AI could bring to team management.

At Kin Analytics, we've been at the forefront of football performance analytics since 2015. We're dedicated to working closely with football organizations, understanding their unique needs and capabilities, and delivering tailored guidance to help them use analytics more effectively.

Ramiro Rangles
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