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A story about turning Data into Victory


In 2017, a leading football team was striving to become the champion in the Brazilian championship. Despite having the highest goal-scoring ratio per match, they finished 4th in the Expected Goals (ExpG) ranking. ExpG measures a team's ability to generate scoring opportunities, translating into goals if executed effectively. While the team excelled in goal-scoring, their ExpG performance highlighted issues, particularly during tied game states, where they lagged behind. Without advanced analytics knowledge, they struggled to pinpoint and address these critical performance gaps.


Kin Analytics partnered with the team to enhance their analytical capabilities and drive their championship ambitions. We introduced a comprehensive solution focusing on Expected Goals (ExpG) analytics to measure and improve their performance.

  1. ExpG Analysis: We implemented advanced analytics to monitor ExpG metrics, helping the team understand their ability to create dangerous scoring opportunities.
  2. Game State Analytics: We specifically analyzed ExpG during tied game states, identifying that their production dipped significantly compared to top-performing teams.
  3. Psychological Insights: By tracking these KPIs match by match, we provided insights into the psychological aspects affecting player performance during critical moments of the game.

Through continuous monitoring and data-driven strategies, the team was able to address their goal issues. The coaching staff focused on improving the team's mindset and tactical approaches during tied game states, making adjustments based on real-time data insights.


By the end of the 2018 season, the team achieved remarkable success:

  • First in ExpG Rankings: They topped the ExpG ranking, demonstrating their improved ability to create scoring opportunities.
  • First in ExpG Tied Rankings: They also ranked first in ExpG during tied game states, overcoming their previous production issues.
  • Championship Victory: The team won the Brazilian championship, achieving their goal of becoming the top team.

Our solutions empowered them with the insights and tools needed to elevate their game and achieve their championship aspirations.


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