Optimize strategies, boost team/player performance and implement impactful solutions

We leverage Collective Knowledge to deliver customized performance analytics—covering team performance, opposition analysis, scouting, and more—through our unique KPI-based methodology. This approach aligns with each team's gameplay philosophy and identity, ensuring our solutions are precisely tailored to meet our clients' specific needs and create a true impact on their workflows.

CPG industry


Performance Analytics

Gain data-driven insights into player performance, team dynamics, and competitive trends.

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Sport Strategy

Analyze game stats, strategies, and training data to make informed decisions about lineups and tactics.

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Media Analytics

Create and automate engaging content with tailor-made dashboards and web tools to increase fan engagement.

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Football Analytics

Our Football Analytics solution integrates performance analytics seamlessly into your team’s workflow, ensuring a significant impact on the technical staff's decision-making process. We help you translate your gameplay philosophy and objectives into measurable KPIs, supporting recurrent analysis such as post-game analysis, opposition analysis, player analysis, and more. With continuous and customized support, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, making analytics an integral part of your team's strategy and success.

Pro consulting

Gain the winning edge with our advanced technical expertise, designed to boost your analytics strategies and processes.

In-depth performance analysis to identify areas for improvement and provide expert advice on optimizing training methodologies, talent scouting, and organizational strategies for sports teams.

Development/consulting hours to enhance and innovate on specific analytics and AI initiatives

Creation of custom models and metrics, API creation and integration, data engineering initiatives (including data lakes and data warehouses), implementation and training of custom LLMs with performance data, and automation of performance data consumption.

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Youth Talent Development Program

Elevate your team academy with our elite analytics program. We bring the high-quality analytics used by top football teams directly to youth development through a seamless process:

1. Identify the ideal player profile for your team
2. Develop customized analytics profiles for each position
3. Implement a comprehensive solution that integrates deep data and video analysis from the early stages of player development
4. Maintain a robust player database to enhance decision-making and showcase talent

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Media Tools and Initiatives

Unlock the power of soccer data with our innovative solutions, including a live data web tool, real-time social media insights, and data-driven strategies for marketing campaigns and soccer events. We transform raw statistics into compelling stories that elevate your game both on and off the field.

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Worked with over 30 professional clubs around the world
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Over 9000 football KPIs created
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Over 3000 tailor-made analysis delivered to professional coaching staffs


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/Now, they know

The KPIs developed by Kin allow identifying behavior patterns with great precision and anticipating trends.

Eduardo Cecconi
Former Performance Analyst

Kin Analytics allowed us to measure the evolution of the team by using concepts that were custom-made specifically for us and our playing style.

Roger Machado
Former Head Coach

The metrics and concepts that Kin Analytics provide are qualified and built for the proper understanding of the team's behavior.

Bruno Baquete
Former Analyst

asked questions

How does data collection work?


Specially trained personnel manually collect 3,000 ball-related actions per match using our software. In contrast, our automatic system, utilizing AI (computer vision) and player tracking, captures 16,000 events per minute of the match.

How is AI used most in football?


Like in all industries, AI has many applications in football. On the performance side, it is primarily focused on automating data collection and facilitating the consumption and analysis of large quantities of data.

How is big data applied in football?


Due to football's dynamic nature, "small data" concepts are more important. This means making the most of the limited data available. For example, a player might interact with the ball 10 or 20 times in a match. The goal is to maximize the insights from these limited interactions using "small data" concepts

Is there a metric or set of metrics that guarantee winning?


No, there are no guaranteed metrics. While certain metrics (e.g., creating danger/scoring goals, conceding few goals) are important, each team has its own reality. Data has a greater impact when personalized to the specific needs and realities of each club.

How can data be used to decide which player to hire?


Data plays a crucial role in visualizing overlooked options and facilitating the filtering process. However, players are not hired based solely on data. It is a tool to assist the process. Many other factors are considered to ensure a successful hiring decision.