September 23, 2022
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Confederaçao Brasileira de Futebol (CBF) x Kin Analytics: The journey of becoming an Analytical Partner

At Kin Analytics, nothing is conventional and our relations with our clients are no exception.

At Kin Analytics, nothing is conventional and our relations with our clients are no exception. Over the years, we realized calling them ‘clients’ was not giving the credit to the bonding process we’ve developed, as a result, today we refer to them as Analytical Partners. This concept means a lot to us because we create a close relationship with our clients through the development of custom solutions and by working thoroughly in order to help them to the best of our capacities. In this entry, we will illustrate this concept using the biggest name in our roster: The Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF).

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The beginning of the dream

First things first: one of our craziest dreams was to close a deal with one of the most iconic and big organizations in football. Our history with CBF began after several years of negotiations, and just two years ago Kin Analytics started one of the biggest projects it has had since its beginnings in 2014. Indeed, many pieces had to fall in place until finally, we started working with the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol aka the Canarinha and one of the most recognizable emblems in football history. We were, and still are, over the moon about this accomplishment.

So… what do we do exactly?

We have the best person to explain what we specifically offer to our Sports Analytical Partners - of course, according to their wishes and needs. Without further due,  let's get into that with the explanation of Ramiro Rangles - Head of Sports Analytics at Kin. With the CBF “we have two main components in which we provide our services, performance analysis and unique content creation tools for the marketing department. For the performance side of things we mainly focus on providing: rival analysis reports, post-match analysis, live KPI's coverage, and other tailored-made analyzes for the senior and female senior teams. For the marketing area, we developed a digital tool that allows them to exploit data in the most convenient and unique way on their social media channels”. As can be seen with the CBF example, a very important part of our process is to deliver custom-made solutions that will have more impact on the organization.

Becoming Stronger Together

One of our values when referring to our relations with Analytical Partners is strengthening the partnership by being able to help them in any way possible, with analytic web platforms, digital tools, or with the creation of new metrics, just name it, and we’ll do it. Football has a huge emotional component, and we the fans are a big part of it, that's why with the CBF we created a semi-automatic tool to generate unique analytical content for social media. The main idea is to combine our analytic data with the CBF Brand and all its visual components and create analytical cards ready to post on social media channels.

Here is a link to a CBF Instagram post, so you can have an idea of our tool

What’s next?

Who would imagine a techy Ecuadorian company, born in 2014 would be part of the World Cup? And not only that, but side by side the team that became a benchmark for millions around the world, the one that made us scream, cry and get excited with each play, each goal, and acrobatics that put the rivals in check.

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Can it get better? It surely can. Being part of the CBF's journey to the World Cup and now part of the most important tournament in the world has only motivated us to raise the bar of our own tools, offering more quality to watch from the inside, how this team makes history again.

As fans, we know how far it can seem to be part of this world-class tournament. We ourselves are still over the moon about this experience with this team. Kin Analytics wants to share this with everyone who believes that it's impossible to mix analytics and sports - and take it this far.

We invite you to follow our social media channels and be part of the World Cup through a whole new perspective, our perspective: analytics.

Dreams - even the craziest - can come true and we are more than happy to share this amazing experience with you!

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