May 4, 2023
5 min

Kinsights: The Ultimate Tool for Social Media Content Creation

Technology has revolutionized the way we consume and engage with sports. From live streaming and instant replays to wearable devices and data analytics, technology has become an integral part of the sports industry. But its impact goes beyond just enhancing the viewing experience for fans. Technology is also playing a crucial role in the creation of unique content that can captivate audiences and set teams, leagues, and athletes apart from the competition. 

Creating content can become a headache, especially around a sporting event or organization, when you have just a limited amount of topics you can touch, but the need for more engaging content for fans and unique content for brands. For sure, all the planning is easy-peasy, it’s like daydreaming: you start imagining everything you can do for a certain campaign. It’s even more exciting when there’s an event to cover or that, as a brand, you want to be part of. After that lovely phase, execution reveals all the effort that content creation needs - when done right. All the time, the feedback, the corrections, a dream can easily become a nightmare and sometimes the team can abort the mission or give up on the campaign idea. 

In our experience this can happen when creating content for a soccer tournament, some visual pieces can be easily created and your social media analytics will make sure you know why having a voice on these events is important: engagement increases, you gain followers, interactions to the roof! What’s not that easy is to keep creating valuable content, maintain consistency and quality. 

So, if Artificial Intelligence, analytics, and more alike are now in many apps and tools that help you create content, why not combine it with soccer tournaments (live events) and unique content? 

If you’re looking for an easy way to stand out on social media during a soccer tournament, this will interest you! Kinsights is an innovative Analytics-based tool developed by Kin Analytics. With our platform, you can create engaging visual content based on analytics, metrics, and curated information about LIVE soccer matches. Kinsights' analytics-based approach to content creation sets it apart from other tools, allowing you to produce, almost automatically, unique and highly engaging content that resonates with your audience. Whether you're a marketing director, a social media manager or a content creator in an organization, Kinsights can help you elevate your game and achieve your marketing goals and experience the power of analytics-driven content creation for yourself. Want to know more? 

Benefits of Kinsights:

More than 20 creative pieces per match: With Kinsights, you can create a wide range of visual content to keep your audience engaged throughout the tournament.

A booster of alliances: Kinsights allows you to showcase your brand or sponsor in every visual piece you create, increasing your brand's visibility and recognition.

Improve your engagement: By using Kinsights to create compelling and customized visual content that's relevant to your audience, you can improve your engagement rates and increase your followers on social media.

Generate content quickly and easily (optimize resources): Kinsights offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to create visual content almost automatically, without the need for specialized design skills - or time!  

Analytics and metrics à la carte: The world of analytics is your oyster, our platform allows you to choose the insights you want to present visually, evaluate what your audience likes the most and give them that content! 

Live and post-match content creation: With Kinsights, you can create live content during soccer matches, as well as post-match content that provides insightful analysis and highlights.

Nothing left to say, Kinsights is the ultimate tool for social media content creation during soccer matches. With its live data, user-friendly interface, and quality information, Kinsights can help you stand out on social media and engage with your audience in a meaningful way. Whether you're a soccer team, media outlet, sponsor, or brand, we’ve developed a friendly tool to boost your social media channels and take it to the next level. Join the experience that organizations like the Brazilian National Team and brands like Forbes have already undergone.

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